Sunday, April 13, 2008

[Vintage Microwave Game]

Something in this picture is being given away, free! What do you think it is? Come on, guess! The ceiling fan? The clock? The plate below it? One of the plants? The wood thing on the ceiling? Maybe something inchoate and harder to see, like hope, love, or optimism?

Maybe that thing bottom center, what is it, a table or something? The fence outside? Something you'd never suspect, like the sod in the back yard or the cabinetry? That's close.

The title of this post is - "Vertical Blinds for Patio Door." See them there, at left? That light blue space in the picture? That is the purported subject of this photograph. Is this what they call "guerilla marketing," or just poor judgment?


Orrin said...

Clearly, the photo is meant to depict just how much the room is brightened when the blinds aren't in use.

freshhell said...

I love this blog. Here's one for you: My sister (Amblus) sent in the one about the leaves and the poor man with spears coming out of his spine.