Saturday, April 26, 2008

Natural Limestone

"15 tons at least, in front yard. Haul all or none. We agree what will be left. You put small pieces on your trailer first. There are a bunch of big pieces that two people will struggle with to get on trailer."

This is not the clearest of posts, but it seems to require that the taker engage in something akin to the twelve labors of Hercules, with a bit of the myth of Sisyphus thrown in for good measure. 15 tons. At least.

Even if someone takes this limestone, as a result of some dire need, it will not be a joyful Free Stuff "eureka!" moment. It will be a long, miserable week of suffering under the severe, demanding gaze of the limestone poster, who seems to be missing a sense of prospective gratitude towards the hero who may one day come to restore his view of the sky, long blocked by his limestone burden. 15 tons. At least.

It will be cold and rainy. Everything will appear as though in black and white. I imagine the poster offering motivational epithets while the limestone is being taken away, shouted in some sort of Axis accent - "All or none! All or none!" "Embrace the struggle!" "Faster!" "Small pieces first!" "All or none!"

15 tons. At least.

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Lara said...

genius! i mean really.