Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rusty Wolf range

"WOLF RANGE . . . FREE FOR SCRAP, PARTS, YARD ART, ??? Must remove ENTIRE stove no parts salvage on site!"

Heh. Heheh. Hahaha . . . HA HA HA HA! This is the WTFYHTBKM* type of post that is the bread and butter of Vintage Microwave.

I did a little research, and a new Wolf double range is about NINE HUNDRED POUNDS. Even though this one has been stripped of many parts (leaving what "parts" to chop it for, by the way?), and has lost some density to it's almost perfectly rusted state, it's still got some heft.

Who, on god's green earth, is going to make the effort to move this behemoth, and for what purpose? As mentioned, parts my ass. Further, "yard art"? Anyone who thinks this would make good "yard art" already has the neighbors filing complaints with City Hall about the Dart and the Bug that have been out front for the past 18 years. They can't afford to piss them off even more.

That leaves "scrap." Does rust count as scrap? Presuming it does, scrap iron goes for about 7 cents a pound. So this - again, if rust counts as iron - would be worth about $63. Given the number of people you would have to pay to help move it,and the gas cost of transporting it, you would lose at least $50 on the transaction. And that's not counting the price of tetanus boosters for all the hired hands.

Vintage microwave odds of this finding a new home? Zero. And yes, that takes into account that Wolf Ranges (when new, before unspeakable abuse) go for many thousands of dollars.

*Give it a minute, you'll figure it out.

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