Monday, April 7, 2008

Bee hives

"I am looking for a beekeeper that would be interested in re-locating 2 bee hives in a tree."

Like the "free leaves" post, this is yet another following the format of "I need a service performed, but rather than pay someone for that service, I will frame my wish as an act of generosity." I can see this taking off, with the medically-uninsured crowding the free section: "Free Melanoma. You Remove."

I have in my lap right now the yellow pages. Not even the good, comprehensive yellow pages, just one of the would-be competitors (a sad business in the internet era, I'd bet). I have flipped to the page with the category "Bee Removal." That's right, there's an entire category. Here in west Alameda County, there are EIGHT entries for bee removers. They not only exist, they are competing for your business. I don't believe business is so cutthroat, however, that A & Bee Swarm Removal is giving away its services just to undercut those bastards at California Exterminating Service.

So please, just pay the $50 or whatever it is to protect your children from the swarm. Don't wait hopefully for some greenhorn who wants to try his hand at bee wrangling.


Amblus said...

Okay, this one I *almost* could buy because there is actually a honey bee shortage. That said, I'm sure anyone who actually know how to properly relocate a hive would want, you know, payment for that service.

ws said...

I'd wager those are wasps nests, no?

Orrin said...

Have you ever heard of Wasp Honey?


That's because there's a shortage.