Monday, April 7, 2008

Owl Collection

"Owls are an order of birds of prey. Most are solitary, and nocturnal, with some exceptions. Owls have large forward-facing eyes and ears, a hawk-like beak, and usually a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye called a facial disc."

Yep. That's the text of the ad. The poster has apparently had trouble unloading this free collection of owls, and has decided he knows the reason: none of you ignorant freaks know what owls are.

Now that you do, perhaps you'll finally get in your car and pick them up.


TK said...

I haven't checked yet, but it seems like the giver-awayer copied & pasted the first paragraph of the definition of "owl" from Wikipedia.

How he/she thought that would move these horrifying-looking things is beyond me, though.

Elsa said...

Oh, I see --- they're solitary nocturnal knickknacks of prey? I'll be right over!

sparklersandsnakes said...

Hey, I think I would actually take those owls, now that I know exactly what an owl is..Give me the owls!!!