Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vending machine

"soft drink working vending machine could use some cleening up . . . make a lot of money you just need to replace the drum lock"

Anthropomorphized Vending Machine I

"Jesus, where am I? What the . . .? I'm covered in . . . oh shit, I'm still drunk, this isn't even a hangover. I need something to wash this taste out of my mouth."
Recommended uses for this extremely used vending machine: (1) depress local property values in retaliation for neighbors' protest at Design Review Board meeting of your plans for an in-ground swimming pool; (2) barricade doors of ex-girlfriend's house as you try to "work things out" - keeps her in and cops out; (3) target practice - when you hit a can, soda spurts out just like real blood. Or place your faith in the poster's optimistic business plan and "make a lot of money."

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