Friday, April 18, 2008

Broken Volvo window

"The window is for a Volvo S60 and is broken. Useful for an art project?"

Congratulations, broken window poster! You've just created a Universal Posting Justification. Append to any post, and it suddenly becomes legitimate. "Useful for an art project" cannot be argued with. Someone, somewhere, someday, might be able to make such a use. To say otherwise would be to circumscribe art's limitless possibilities. If you disagree, you are a Philistine, an Alabama fundamentalist, a Kinkade-lover, a . . . Roger Kimball. And of course, the question mark puts it over the top - no particular claim is being made, it's simply a possibility.

"Vintage microwave. Useful for an art project?"
"Used Band-Aid. Useful for an art project?"
"Bag o'fingernail clippings. Useful for an art project?"

Try it at home! It's fun!

1 comment:

TK said...

Bitter, emotionally stunted alcoholic. Useful for an art project?

Hey, it works for people, too!