Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Case of Jameson

"i have a case of jameson with 11 bottles left in it. i am quitting drinking and no longer have a need for them."

First, let me acknowledge that unlike everything else we post here, this is desirable. Highly desirable. The only thing I can see being more desirable is a free stack of hundred dollar bills, put out on the corner by the person who lives next door (not just free money, but easy access to it!).

Jameson poster, it looks like you picked the wrong week to quit drinking. 11 delicious bottles left and today is the day? Come on! Man up! Drink up! You paid good money for those bottles. Enjoy!

And, really, you don't need them? Everybody needs Jameson. That's why they call it Jameson.

Look, I’ll come over, we’ll sing “11 Bottles of Jameson on the Wall,” drink through them, and you can check into rehab next week.


Jessica said...

Please, please tell me that you responded to this post and that I'm coming home to 11 bottles of Jameson tonight.

alchemisty said...

Really. Please please tell me that you were able to tell Jessica that you had those eleven bottles waiting for her.

TK said...

You'll note that the poster didn't say the bottles were full. But I too want to know if you took any action in response to this add.

Stephen said...

Sadly, the bottles were in Santa Cruz. There is almost nothing that will make me drive to Santa Cruz.