Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"i have a free 4/3mm body glove wet suit with NO zipper. If you could get a zipper for it the suit would work great. It is relativly new (within a couple years) and is in very good condition with no rips or tears. Call me for location and you can come pick it up."

No picture for this one, because he thinks you may not be interested if you see the blood caked on the wetsuit. You know, from the grievous injury that resulted from hitting the rocks below the waves so hard that the zipper was ripped off. But no rips or tears besides that.

Sure, it may not be so dramatic. I do tend towards flights of fancy. But fancy this - the wetsuit was worn by this guy for "a couple years." Every time he wore it, he was naked, in the ocean, for hours. Is a picture forming in your mind? Taking the place of the one he left out of his post?

While you're picking it up, after making a deal with the seamstress down the street for some state of the art waterproof zipper sewing, ask him if he has any underwear lying around he needs to get rid of.

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