Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Floor mats

"We traded in our van 2000 Sienna forgetting that these were at home waiting to be shampooed some day. Yours for free but need to be cleaned. Some stains on the middle row mat. Back row and front ones in better shape. I don't need to be home for you to get them. If you are interested, I can leave them out front."

I don't want these. Neither do you. Not only do we not own Toyota Siennas,* we value cleanliness. That makes the stains bad. What makes the stains worse? They are someone ELSE'S stains. This is a minivan, remember, so there were probably children in this car regularly. Children spill things. They track things. More than occasionally, they ooze things. When I look at the stains, I think of the source. The children. After a few minutes staring at these floor mats, I have to say - they're not unspeakably repellent. I would say they are just repellent enough.

*In fact, I had never heard of the Sienna until my eyes fell upon this post.

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Tim said...

Your dear brother has a Sienna. As a matter of fact you've been in it several times. Yes, children can make it messy but parents can make it even worse. Don't forget trips to the dump with stuff oozing out of the bags. Oh, and the occassional gas can spilling over.