Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Retro Sofa

"Giving away this couch to the first taker. Our cat loved this couch and marked his territory on both ends of the couch."

Why do I go to the CL free section? The same reason as anyone with at least a little disposable income - I go out of unwarranted optimism. Out of a childlike hope that one day, someone will be giving away the very piece of furniture I was about to pay $500 for (plus shipping) on eBay. It hasn't happened yet, but one day, oh yes, there it will be. So I click on things that say "retro," because "retro" just might mean "something lovely and austere made between 1945 to 1962."

To this poster, "retro" apparently means "extremely ugly," "shapeless," or perhaps "in gruesome earthtones." I suppose I cannot police people's use of terms to make them match my own, and if "retro" just means pre-1990, this poster may be correct.

I think s/he is incorrect, however, if s/he believes that anyone, ever, is coming by to pick up this piss-soaked abomination. Retro Sofa poster, your piece of furniture is why god gave man fire.

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