Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wizard puzzle

This is just one of the FOUR pictures posted to help move this assembled jigsaw puzzle. The poster included detail photos, to let you see the many ways in which the puzzle is awesometastic (and to support the rich descriptions he provides in the body of his post, see below).

I want to strongly suggest, nay, implore, that none of you take the puzzle. It is clear from the text that the poster will sob inconsolably as you drive away with the puzzle. S/he (I'm guessing "he") will never be the same after the separation. Sounds like hyperbole? Read . . . the . . . text:

I've been trying to sell the below on Craigslist in the for Sale section for $10. No-one has purchased my fun wizard puzzle so I guess it's time to make it free.
I've put this puzzle together at least 15+ years ago.
It is signed on the bottom Denis Beavais & says copyrite 1985.
It is around 23 1/2" X 29 1/2".
The outside pieces measures 29 pieces horizontal times 35 pieces vertical.
It is mounted on a piece of thin wood.
The puzzle is called SpellBound. Also has dragon mist, wizard of oz book, skull, crystal ball, black cat, the wizards hat has a green third eye,(cool) old coca cola bottle and many other fun things you can find in this puzzle ART. The wizard is reading his story and the art shows a dragon mist capturing a woman mist with a knight and shining armor mist coming to the rescue. It also has cobwebs, potions, +++++ I just think it's a great mood.
Great for someone who is into wizards.
When I display it in a collectible show people say hey look that looks like Merlin.
You can put hardware in the back & hang on the wall in your kids play room toy room, or put in your dorm room if you're the ultimate wizard fan or put on an easle in a magic store, or custom frame it, whatever you'd like to do with it.
I could not let go of this piece, but I see it is not moving, so looking for someone who would like it.
Located in Hicksville. Nassau County. Long Island.
Please email me what day & time you would like to pick it up.
AVAILABLE if you see it here.

This is all very speaks-for-itself, but I do want to remind you: it would be "great for someone who is into wizards."

God, this is sadder everytime I read it. I recommend one view only - enjoy the absurdity, don't wait around for the pathos to kick in.


steffi said...

oh my dear lord.

small_collectibles said...

I would like this puzzle if it is still available. Please email me at small_collectibles@yahoo.com