Monday, July 21, 2008

Free Dove

"i have a dove i have no time for anymore...too much school lol..
but yeah its free if u want him"

What's so "lol" about giving up a pet? Shouldn't that be "loc," with the "c" for "crying"? Anyhoo, I'm trying to imagine what kind of time one has to put into a pet dove.

daily dove journal, july 21 (our poster seems to be missing a shift key, so I have kept this cap-less for realism's sake).

6 a.m. - got up and fed dove. made sure he ate all the seeds. [finished at 6:20 a.m.]

6:40 a.m. - took dove for walk. always hard to get leash and collar on, that was five minutes itself. went to dove park. there were a lot of dogs there. i don't know why people bring dogs to a dove park.

8 a.m. - training session in front yard. i don't know why dovey refuses to sit. i keep trying, but still he (i think it's a he) won't sit. frustrating. at about 8:30, neighbor came by and said "i've seen you try to train that dove to sit for about 4 months now. it's not going to work. birds don't do dog commands. maybe you can teach it to talk." i said "shut up" and started to work on roll over. but he got me thinking.

11 a.m. tired from training session. asked mom for money for a burger. went to jack in the box. left dove tied to bicycle rack outside. people looked at me strange.

1 p.m. - maybe the neighbor was right, maybe dogs and doves need to be treated differently. but it's hard enough to teach them to sit. talk? i don't know if i have the time, what with school and all. worked more on roll over, then tried teaching him to say "go to hell." that would totally freak mom out. he just kept cooing.

3 p.m. - with bird in community college computer lab. dovey, it's hard enough getting an associate's degree in hospitality science without devoting so much time to you. i need a change. post to give away bird on cl free stuff section. lol.

[awaits call]


Claire Louise Milne said...

This is hilarious!
Although, like the wizard puzzle post, it's a little bit sad too.

FreshHell said...

Two free boxes of cereal.

Anonymous said...

This made me cry a little bit. Both from laughing, and the sorrow of giving up your pet. Poor,unwanted Dove. *sniff*

Anonymous said...

I think that would be "col" -- crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

I thought LOC meant for "lots of crying." I totally didn't question it.

Stephen said...

That's exactly what I was thinking, 8/6 anon. But apparently, my belief -that LOL meant "lots of laughs"- was mistaken. It apparently means "laughing out loud." It's weird spending so much time on the internet, and still being ignorant of its ways. I think I prefer my interpretation, because "laughing out loud" seems to carry with it a subtle connotation of "at you." But maybe I'm just too sensitive.