Thursday, July 10, 2008

About 7 Luggage

Is this a brand or a style? "About 7"? No:

"Need repair and little bit work on them take all 7 or 8 luggage bags"

Now, I could see if there were a truckload, and the poster said "truckload." Or made some sort of estimate like "900-1000." But if you can't be bothered to count all the way to 8, I don't know why you bothered counting at all. "Some luggage. U haul. All or none."


Orrin said...

I thought (and I think I can be given a little pass on this due to the poor grammar of the title) that it was a set of luggage by some ├╝ber-hip design firm called About 7.

(Rushes off to register domain)

[damn, too late.]

Corey said...

Well the poster mentioned that some of them are damaged.

When you put all the scraps together, you might have 7 or 8 bags.