Monday, July 21, 2008

No Delivery!

A topical VM post today, inspired by a post for a loveseat that ended with "You are responsible for securing transportation."

This comes up a lot in Free Stuff postings -

"Must pick up"

"Will not deliver"

"I CANNOT deliver"

"No delivery"

It seems like a patently unnecessary set of keystrokes to me. I mean, is the following dialogue really going to take place?

"Hi, I'm interested in your loveseat. When can you bring it over?"

"Bring it over? No, no, you have to pick it up. It's free, after all."

"But you didn't say 'no delivery,' so I presumed you'd deliver. You did say it's free, and if I have to pick it up, well, that's a kind of cost to me isn't it?"

"Well, maybe technically, but look, again, it's free, so you can have it, but I'm not going to deliver it. A store might not charge for delivery, but they'd figure it into the price. When can you pick it up?"

"But this is free. I shouldn't have to pick it up. I feel lied to. People are so disappointing."

I mean, that's pretty much inconceivable, right? Of course you have to pick up the free thing you want. If someone asks you to deliver a free thing, s/he's clearly a nutjob. Should posts be written presuming the nutjobbery of the reader? Eh, maybe.

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