Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two chairs

VM Anthropomorphized Chairs V

I see this picture, and find Sly Stone's "Family Affair" running through my head, but with the lyrics slightly changed - "it's a family of chaa-airs/it's a family of chaa-airs."

There's Grampa to the right, world-weary, happy to be in the shade, watching the young bucks work the grill. Little Jesse, his grandchildchair, tries to get him to play - "let's throw the horshoo, Grampa! Let's throw the horshoo!"

"Go ask your dad, little Jesse, Grampa's tired."

"Grampa, you're always tired! I'm gonna go hide, you have to find me!"

"Yeah, ok, you go hide now."

Danny Chair (offscreen, son of Grampa, father of Jesse) "Dad, come on, you need to play with him, he won't be young forever."

"Yeah, and I won't be alive forever, so I want to spend as much time as I can sitting here in the shade. He'll be fine."

Danny and the rest of the Chair family chuckle, and return to their grill conversations.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, do you plan to apply the "anthropomorphized chair" tag to the rest of the anthropomorphized chairs?

Stephen said...

The past is the past. It's on a going-forward basis only, I'm afraid. It is possible, I suppose, that I might one day find myself both bored and OCD-afflicted enough that I feel I have no choice but to go all Linnaeus on the blog, and make sure everything is properly taxonimified. But I take medication to keep that from happening.

Anonymous said...

=) Guess not everyone's as OCD as myself -- can't complain, you do good work here.

I was also curious if you would consider adding a "not actually free" tag/category to encompass posts like the following:

(I'm sure there are other, better examples, but that one really got me for some reason)

Keep up the A1 material, even though my sense of entitlement to it is utterly undeserved since I pay nothing for the privilege of reading. (I won't even look for an RSS feed, because it would rob me of the joy and anticipation I feel when clicking, numerous times a day, in the compulsive hope that you've updated with new material.)

Gems, the lot.

Anonymous said...

(Last one for now)

I'm not sure what to make of this one:

Hope you (and/or your readers) have some insight.

Stephen said...

I went back and added tags after all.

Alicia said...

Why is it people always take pictures of INTERIOR items outdoors? Is it that they brought them outside for a yard sale? Could there ever be any other reason?