Sunday, July 6, 2008


"I have a free sofa in fort bragg it is a hide a bed"

We here at Vintage Microwave have shown you many an ugly couch. We can think of little to say about ugliness anymore. There are limits to the entertainment value of hyperbole. In any event, in the world of ugly sofas, this isn't particularly remarkable. Just another run-of-the-mill, worn-out, somewhat-depressing couch.

What makes this post worth note is its location. This was posted in the "S.F. Bay Area" portion of Craigslist. Fort Bragg, California, is 171 miles away from San Francisco. Three hours or so, depending on how slow you drive. So to own this lovely piece of furniture, you would have to devote a day, and ten or more gallons of gas (probably at $5 a gallon by the time you get around to finding the free day to get up to Mendocino County). You might even want to spend the night up there - three-plus is a lot of hours to drive in a day, turning right around for another three-plus hour drive would kind of suck. Oh, and you need to rent a van, right? Given the dramatic commitment of time and money it will take to acquire this sofa, is it really "free"? Look again at the picture, then go find a couch down the street that's being given away.

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