Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thomas Register 2003 Full Set

So I read the subject line and think, "what the huh?" Click

I have a complete set of Thomas Register of American Manufacturers 2003.

So something that lists companies? I don't know what I'd do with this, but I suppose I could start junk mailing people (I'm always hoping the Free Stuff section will give me insight into possible new professions, based on crap people no longer need). 2003, though? Doesn't a lot happen in five years? I mean, I don't want to send my circulars to a Production Manager who was fired 3 years ago. Sure, it's free, but it might end up costing a lot in wasted postage: "Return to sender -

does not exist at the address provided."

Also known as the "big green books" and "Thomas Registry", is a multi-volume directory of industrial product information covering 650,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies within 67,000-plus industrial categories.

Well, I am a sucker for anything with a nickname - I wouldn't care about Frank Thomas if he weren't called "The Big Hurt." So, OK, you still have my attention. I can see myself saying, "let me check the 'big green books;' I'll get back to you."

It was first published in 1898 by Harvey Mark Thomas as Hardware and Kindred Trades.

Wait, this is beginning to feel like a hard sell. An appeal to history? Am I dishonoring 110 years of company-name-publishing if I don't take this? Making me feel bad isn't helping your cause. I'm getting indignant. Actually, maybe it's working. If this has been good enough to get nicknames and last 110 years, I'm kind of a dick if I don't take it.

Thomas Publishing Company, LLC of New York City has been privately-held since its inception.

Bang! Sold, for zero dollars! Yes, I was on the fence, but LLC's are my favorite business entity, and I'm a huge fan of business endeavors that are untraded on major exchanges. I really have no choice. Look out,

you've got mail!

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courtesybear said...

Thomas Register is no longer in print, and everything is currently online., same 67,000 categories, but no more books.