Monday, May 5, 2008

Ski Boots, but not for skiing

"I have a large quantity of obsolete ski boots, unsuitable for ski use since either the outer shell is excessively worn or the inner liner is damaged or gummy. Do you have any suggested uses that would keep these from becoming just more landfill? Use as planters has been suggested, but I'm not sure there's a huge market there."

I open the floor, commenters.

Let me begin with: (1) things that burn create heat, (B) obsolete, my ass, for every skier, there is a boot, (3) you have a crabbed, niggardly idea of what "ski use" is, (And another thing) there are ankles that need gummy protection.

Thanks to Tim for the Boston Free Stuff tip.

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Orrin said...

Cement shoes must require some sort of a form or mold, yes? Perhaps certain parties in New Jersey would be interested.