Wednesday, May 7, 2008


"works fine"

It's getting to be barbecue season again, and folks are looking to upgrade as the weather warms and outdoor cooking becomes more inviting.

They're also looking for suckers to take out their trash for them. This does not work fine. The bungee cord alone makes that very clear - "You just need to move that a little over . . . DAMMIT, the 300 degree top just slapped against little Jesse. I'll start the car, you scrape his charred skin off the metal." So does the extending food shelf that is clearly inadequate to the task of food shelfing - "don't put the weiners down on tha- aww, not again." Add to that the condition of the top, which looks caked in the dirt and grease of two decades of burgers, and it's conclusive. To be said to "work," a barbecue, at a minimum, must not inspire dread.

I'm applying almost every Vintage Microwave tag to this one.


Anonymous said...

Almost as mystifying:

Anonymous said...

Or this:

Stephen said...

That second one is awesome. So undesirable, even the garbage collectors wouldn't take it - "What the . . . ? I'm not picking that up."

There's a reason for professional junk haulers - sometimes you have to pay to be free of something.

Surromum said...

Truly hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't identify myself before, I read this blog regularly but don't have a Blogger identity. You guys rock, keep it up.

Last one for now:

-Amy (devoted fan and admirer)

Anonymous said...

I lied, one more! Just for its blatant crassness and common theme.

Stephen said...

Wow, that tree post is crazy. There is an entire industry devoted to removing trees safely and thoroughly. And yes, you have to *pay* for it.

That's like offering a doctor your burst appendix for free, she just has to remove it at her expense.