Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tandy 1000

"w/ original monitor and dot matrix printer come and get it tired of it in my apartment, this is all original gear from back in the day"

A vintage computer, like vintage microwave, is just inconceivable as a desire (outside of a nostalgic yearning to play some game like Pong, but even then).

Let me tell you about the specs of the mighty Tandy 1000. It came with 128k memory. Where are we these days? 2 or 3 gigabytes? It operated at 4.77 Mhz. Again, compare to the multi-gigahertz world we live in today.

What's next? Vintage medicine? "Doc, don't wash your hands, I want you to perform this surgery like in the old days, before they knew what germs were. And just give me a slug of rye, I don't need anesthesia. If I can't pronounce it, I don't need it."

Should I wear vintage lenses in my glasses? "Sure, they're heavy, and aren't within a mile of the right prescription, but if they were good enough for Ben Franklin . . ."

I remember early generation laptops. They were great at the time - they let you erase what you typed without White-Out! But that's really the extent of it. I don't want a vintage computer anymore than I want the local water treatment plant to go "vintage."

Tired of it in your apartment? You don't say.

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