Thursday, February 19, 2009


"Times are tough. I don't have much money to offer but I can cook you a nice English breakfast."

We've seen this free meal thing before. I am again struck by the astonishingly uncomfortable social situation this will inevitably create. "Yeah, I'm here for the breakfast. I've got to get home soon, though. Can I take it to go?" "Why in such a hurry, have a seat! Can I get you some coffee."

This poster is either profoundly lonely, or a kidnapper-to-be.

But kudos on taking a picture of breakfast, just to try to sell your charitable act that little bit better.

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boojum said...

Mmmm. Let's see:

Three – no, four – eggs "sunny-side-up," with extra Dark Specks. Canned baked beans (authentic English fare, all right): unless those are quail eggs, about a pint and a half worth of beans. A cold ciabatta loaf – check. Perhaps four strips of mangled bacon, and then — oh dear Lord, please let those be sausages, please let those be sausages.....

Those are sausages, right?