Monday, February 2, 2009


"Hotpoint Dishwasher, pulled out of 1953 kitchen, still in working order. Could be used in a museum display or theatre set?!"

Now don't get me wrong, this is kind of neat. I've never seen an early generation dishwasher like this before. But what can you do with it, really? It probably does a terrible job at its assigned task, and must have an Energy Star rating that approaches Energy Deathstar status.

So the poster is probably right, this is for museum or prop use. But what are the odds the proprietor of the Bay Area Museum of Household Appliances* will see this post? Or that David Mamet's latest script calls for a foul-mouthed, fast-talking dishwasher, circa '53? Ultimately, niftyness aside, there's no creative reuse in this washer's future.

*Nope, sorry, no such beast.


giddy girlie said...

I love this blog. Do you take submissions? I was looking on CL today, hoping to find someone getting rid of an aquarium (surprisingly common around here) and instead came upon this:

Stephen said...

Hello, GG. We always enjoy the links people post for us, but we don't always have something to say about them (it either comes to us, or it doesn't). The broken deadbolt *is* stupendously useless. I love the multiple photos, as though seeing just the right profile will convince us to pick it up.

Robert said...

I have two vintage dishwashers in my kitchen and I'm going to install a similar Hotpoint as a third.

1953 Hotpoint Dishwasher Thread on

Stephen said...

Three dishwashers? Neat! You must have the plumber on speed dial - "hey Fred, can you come by Thursday? Yep, wanna put in another dishwasher. The first two aren't getting the job done."

Robert said...

Nah, I do all the plumbing myself. I even cut a window and added interior lights into my 1957 KitchenAid Dishwasher, see :)
Pimp my Dishwasher