Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VHS 38 Standard Movies

"38 movies, like Castaway, Star Wars, Storm Troopers, etc."

Because who doesn't want a stash of VHS movies? You still have a VHS player hooked up, right?

But that's the easy part. "Storm Troopers"? A "standard movie"?* A quick peek at indicates that there was a movie called "Storm Troopers U.S.A." made in 1969, but I've never heard of it, which militates against a conclusion that it's "standard."

So if you want some VHS movies, including incredibly obscure rarities, you should get in touch. There's valuable stuff on the Free Stuff section after all!

*what is a "standard movie" anyway?

note to VM debunkers: yes, yes, we know the poster is probably just mis-naming some part of the Star Wars franchise, or Starship Troopers. But that's not funny.

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