Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unfinished Rowboat

Rowboat? It looks as though someone took a long rainsoaked skateboard ramp, tore the plywood apart, and haphazardly hammered it back together. "Rowboat" is a randomly chosen noun to describe it. "Unfinished treehouse" would also have worked. Or maybe "display case in progress." How about "nearly firewood"?

But really, the first thing I thought of was the Simpson's episode when Homer becomes, for a brief moment, a darling of the Art World. At a show he presents this work:

"Attempted Birdhouse"


Bradley said...

I thought they were referring to the unfinished robot in the foreground: Just put the mini-fridge torso on the legs to the left, add a head and some dryer-vent arms, and presto! Finished robot!

Stephen said...

Nice idea! I'm picturing one of those wind-up toy robots that shoots sparks as it slowly walks and inevitably falls over.