Friday, October 31, 2008

Vintage Microwave Halloween Safety Tips

To help you stay safe on this scary holiday, here are a few helpful tips from your friends at Vintage Microwave.

• Consider making your own costume from things found around the house. Store-bought costumes are often constructed from cheap, flammable materials, and free ones found on the Internet can be, well, really ugly:

"Witch costume. Free, or will trade for hangers."

• Stay in well-lighted areas to avoid dangerous people/condemned play structures:

“You need to put a sealer on and replace four treated 2x4s.”

• If you do find yourself in a poorly lit area, keep an eye out for anyone lying in wait to steal your candy or worse:

“It is sitting in my driveway, waiting for you.”

• And if you find yourself running to escape a toilet, take a lesson from every zombie flick ever made and don’t run upstairs to hide, lest you look out the window and find an entire swarm of them waiting for you below:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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