Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100+ Cell Phone Chargers!

"...mostly for Motorolla phones. Perhaps they would make an interesting craft project or one could cover an art car with them."

Living in Berkeley, we’ve seen some extraordinarily ill-conceived art cars (if you can ever call an art car anything but). Old station wagons plastered with underwear, office supplies, or other junk, hatchbacks with plastic animals haphazardly glued to (and falling from) every surface, all manner of vehicles upholstered with Astroturf, and the classic let’s-paint-flowers/anti-establishment platitudes/a portrait of Bob Marley-on-this-bus-with-acryllic-paint-so-a-couple-years-from-now-it-will-be-a-rolling-pile-of-rust. In short, aside from being eyesores that blight our community, they are a colossal waste of human energy.

That said, even we find this person’s suggestion a slap in the face to the art car.

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