Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Couch Duo

A duo, but not a particularly dynamic one.

“Get me another Bud from the fridge, ‘K?”

“aww, man, I got the last one, you go get it. I wanna see what the next shape is - this Hole in the Wall show is awesome. Look! That dude just fell in the water!”

“Man, I bought the 18 pack, you need to go get me one.”

“I went and picked it up. ‘I buy, you fly’ is a one-shot deal. I don’t need to keep ‘flying.’”

“I say you do.”

“Fine. Tell me what’s happening while I’m in the kitchen.”

“The shape is like that ‘Artist Formerly Known as Prince’ symbol. It’s moving pretty fast. Oooh, man, he just got swept into the pool!”

“Dammit! I wanted to see that.”


Enjoy your new couch duo. Don’t take their TV show recommendations.

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