Friday, April 17, 2009

Spaghetti Measurer

This sounds like some sort of old-timey slur directed to those damned eye-talians.

The poster divesting him- or herself of the "spaghetti measurer" (I'm really not clear on what this is, btw) is also trying to unload "3 unopened 2005 calendars." There were high hopes for the year - "this one's gonna be so busy, I'll need three calendars" - but they quickly went sour.

There's also a "Non-working CD walkman-type player." I am tempted to hire an economist to crunch the numbers on that one - what is the financial upside to fixing an obsolete, ultra-cheap electronic device?


Charlene said...

You've never heard of a spaghetti measurer?!?

It isn't the most common kitchen tool, but I suspect a lot of people own them. You see them in the stores all the time.

Tim said...


I guess you're going to the wrong stores.

Who needs to measure their spaghetti? Come on, really. These kitchenwares people will try to come up with anything.

Bradley said...

I haven't needed a spaghetti measurer since my Easter 2005 Pasta-fest. I think it was in early April ... or was it late March? If only there was some way ...

Charlene said...

Tim, I agree, but they sell them by the millions. I suppose they make a cheap wedding shower gift.