Friday, April 17, 2009

open half used cans of cat food

Now, we here at VM don't have big heads. We don't think we're famous or anything. This blog is not some unstoppable internet juggernaut on the radar of every webreader out there. But some people have seen it, and I'm pretty sure one of them posted this as a setup:

"i have about 20 little cans of cat food. my cat is older and picky and only likes the juice and to eat it before it is refridgerated, therefore i have a number of opened half used cans of cat food. most of them are priority brand but there are a couple other different kinds. They have been refridgerated with plastic wrap on top. the oldest one is probably a week old. I dont want to just throw them away because I am sure there are some cats out there that would eat it. If you are interested in picking them up tonight let me know and I will leave them for you on top of my recycle bin. email me if you are interested and I will give you my address and leave them outside my house for you to pick up. I will respond to people in the order they email me."

I mean, right? Nobody really posts this kind of thing seriously.

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