Sunday, April 12, 2009

PeeWee Herman Movies

This would not be remarkable, were it not for the particular circumstances presented. People have VHS tapes they'll never look at again. They post them on the free section. I get it. Me? I'd just put them out on the curb or throw them away, but I can't fault the person who posts them on Craigslist. Whatever.

The thing about this post is that it goes up first at 9:16 p.m: "Free PeeWee Herman VHS, set of 2."

Then, at 9:38 p.m. (a mere 22 minutes later), another post follows:

"Free peewee herman movies, need to go tonight"

I guess I'm just a bit unclear on the urgency of unloading these two VHS tapes . . .


I have trouble picturing the scene. Posting the ad, then freaking out at the absence of immediate response. But this is in Fairfield, CA, so I wonder if methamphetamine is involved. I'm kidding. I know meth is involved.

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