Wednesday, April 8, 2009


"Come take it down and it's yours!"

What a find. Just what I've been looking for. A hideous 1960's or so metal awning. About a year ago, I helped a friend take one of these rusted, mildewed, ugly hulks off his house. I'm still expecting tetanus symptoms to show up. It didn't occur to my friend to try to get someone to take the awning down for him by offering it for "free." He had a clear sense that it was an object of pure trash value, and bought me lunch and a beer for the help.

I look forward to future posts from this poster. "Asbestos insulation, come take it down and it's yours!" "Broken water heater circa 1963. Come take it down and it's yours!" "Dead oak tree in back yard. Accessible only by helicopter or enormous crane. Come take it down and it's yours!"


Orrin said...

You're on a bit of a tetanus thing right now, aren't you?

Frank said...

borscht belt comic says, "one broken banking system, come take and it's yours"

am i right?

Bradley said...

When I advertise to have our awnings taken away for free, I'll make sure to point out that they are not on the second floor like this guy's.

Sadie said...

You know, I actually listed our metal awning (well, it was a whole patio, about 10x12') when the wind knocked it off the back of our house. It got picked up by a metal recycler who had to cut it up in smaller pieces to take it away... but you know what? It got rid of the big heap of metal in my yard the same day it came crashing down, it got recycled, and somebody made some cash on it. Win/win/win situation, right?