Monday, March 2, 2009


"Free Frisbee - Used only a couple of times (not with dogs).

Frisbee available on a first come first serve basis. It will be on my doorstep - please come by and pick up.

Here's my address and directions:

120 [VM Omitted] Ave, Building 23, #72, Santa Clara, 95051

We are in an apartment complex between San Tomas and Stevens Creek
Use the driveway off Saratoga Ave marked "Vista Office Park"- take it to the end of the complex. We are the last building on your right. Upstairs unit.


That's right. 89 words. Ten hard returns. One crappy promotional (i.e., free from its very inception) frisbee. You couldn't have just walked out your doorstep and thrown it into the air? Someone would have found it and taken it. And you'd have saved a lot of typing.


Anonymous said...

LOL, so very true about someone taking it.

Lindsay said...

Not only would a Frisbee go, I just have to put out rotten plywood, sticks, broken furniture... it's all mysteriously gone within five minutes.