Thursday, January 15, 2009


"I just want to get rid of it."

Did your couch take that picture of itself with your webcam? Because it looks like a sex offender's avatar from Instant Messenger.

LuvSeat69: wutup a/s/l
MileyPieCrust510: 13f/cali lol
LuvSeat69: u like 2 get nasty =)?

MileyPieCrust510: omg idk!
MileyPieCrust510: maybe lol. u?
LuvSeat69: u kno it.
LuvSeat69: ur really sexy. can we meet up?

MileyPieCrust510: what 4?
LuvSeat69: i want u 2 sit on my lap
MileyPieCrust510: lol that it?
LuvSeat69: wanna see a pic of my fold-out bed?
MileyPieCrust510: ummmm
LuvSeat69: hang on.......
MileyPieCrust510: omg its huge
LuvSeat69: weighs 150 pounds lol

It's going to be really uncomfortable for everyone involved when Chris Hansen gets his hands on this.

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