Saturday, January 10, 2009


Remember the '70's fashion revival? The one that lasted longer than the decade it recreated*? Well, it never really seeped into interior design. People are starting to take crappy plastic '60's Pop Art design seriously, but no one really wants their house to look like Tony Montana's estate in "Scarface."** When people redecorate, they're either looking for something contemporary, or something reaching back to a personally romanticized period, be it the Arts & Crafts '20's, or Atomic Age '50's. Nobody putting together a new foyer is looking for that 1978 glow. This could find a place in the Museum of Banality I'd like to one day curate, but I don't know when I'll be able to put together the funding to break ground.

*1988 to 2003 or so, if the persistence of Brady Bunch-style striped short-sleeve shirts was an indicator.
** Yes, 1983, but that's the Seventies for design purposes.


alchemisty said...

I want to attend the ground-breaking ceremony for the Museum of Banality.

Frank said...

you won't miss much if you don't go