Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vintage doll

"Very old doll. Arms need assembly. Dressed as a ballerina, with stockings. Her blue eyes open and close."

But her blue eyes are at their best in that half-open, nodding off position. You can almost hear her slurring something about "that black tar shit, man." Apparently, her habit has led to her arms falling off. Also, sadly, to distinguish herself from the other whores on the avenue, she has been reduced to wearing a tutu ("bet you never done it with a ballerina, honey"). Take this doll as a cautionary tale, or, I suppose, as a gift for a disfavored child: "you'll get a new doll when you get a new attitude, Daphne."

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Funniest thing I have EVER encountered on the web. Ever.