Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Overheads Lyrics

". . . for Kids Christian Songs"

When I saw this heading, I wasn't sure what I was dealing with, but you have to click through when "Kids Christian Songs" are involved. The text of the ad explained:

"Have a FULL binder full of overhead transparencies. Must take all."

In the age of Powerpoint, I can see abandoning your carefully assembled Christian sing-along collection, though it must be hard to let go of - all those years at the copy shop, putting your printouts on transparencies. But - also in the age of Powerpoint - I don't see who the taker is for this. First, they need an overhead projector. Second, they need a captive audience of Christian children who are inclined to singing along with "Kids Christian Songs." Third, they need the urge to impose these songs on that audience. The number of possible recipients must be vanishingly small.

If there is a possible taker, however, I don't think you have to worry about selective cherry-picking of the binder. If someone, anyone, wants this at all, they'll be happy to take the whole thing. "Hey, HEY! Don't you try to leave 'Four Square with Jesus' and 'He is Better than Candy' behind. Must take all!"

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