Friday, September 12, 2008

Damaged Stoneware for Mosaics

"Free stoneware with chips and/or cracking for use in mosaic tile projects"

I dunno about you, but I think these broken plates are a little full of themselves. "Don't call us plates, we're 'stoneware.'" Well, OK, but stoneware or not, you're wrecked, so it's into the trash with you. "NO!! We don't belong in the trash. Give us immortality. We're stoneware, dammit! Let us live on in, oh, let's see . . . how about some sort of mosaic tile project? That sounds fitting. Mosaic us! Now!"


Anonymous said...

They're full of something.

katherine said...

You know, my mom always does that thing where she hates to throw something away because some "artist" might "want" it. A trunkfull of Readers Digests? Surely some artist can use them *all* in a collage! 9 times out of 10 I'll convince her she's kidding herself and she'll recycle or toss them, but every couple of years some artist actually comes out of god-knows-where and offers her money for a set of encyclopedias from 1958, thus proving her point that everything has value to someone. "Damaged Stoneware for Mosaics" is the perfect example of one of those items my mom might attempt to re-home in her epic quest to recycle household junk into cultural immortality. Ah!!!

Stephen said...

"Good for an art project," like "good for Burning Man," is, as we've insisted before, a sure sign of complete worthlessness.