Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Christian Novels

"So we can share with more than one family, please do not ask for everything."

Yeah, share the wealth for Christ's sake. Note that this post was up weeks ago, with the same list of titles. Doesn't look like there's a mad rush on these, after all.

Titles include (with added subtitles):

The Brethren. Lewis.
Not the One About the Supreme Court

Retribution. Ingermanson.
God's Go-to Strategy

The Sweetbriar Bride. Wilbee.
You're Expecting a Romance, You'll Get Moralizing

The Sound of the Trumpet. Hill.
It Blew, We Knew, It's True. Join Our Crew.

Blue Mist on the Danube. Fell.
Will Destroy Secular Europe.

Bamboo and Lace. Wick.
Jesus lives in the East as Well.

A Promise for Tomorrow. Pella/Peterson.
Makes Up for All the Crap You Deal With Today

The Confession. Lewis.
Christian Novels Can Titillate, Too.

The Rose Legacy. Heitzmann.
Intrigue Through Arcane Apocrypha

Gods & Kings. Austin.
Just Kidding About That Plural Thing, God

Brothers of the Outlaw Trail. 4 authors. 4 stories of the wild west.
Don't Worry, Outlaws and "Wild"-ness Will Be Discredited

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