Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paper Footballs

What's that? Paper footballs? I don't get it.

My buddy made a ton of paper footballs of assorted sizes for a class project.

Teacher - "Students, I have a material I want you to learn about. It's called paper. You can fabricate things using this material. I'm handing some around so you can see what it's like. Now, your assignment is to go home and make something out of this material. Again, it's called paper. Pick something you like, and make it out of paper. Keep doing it until you get it right. Bring your finest example to class."

Now I have them

Student - "Bro, I had to make a ton of footballs out of this paper stuff. I don't have room for them, and I'd hate to waste them, I mean, they're made of paper. Special stuff. Can you take 'em for awhile? I know your mom has room in the basement."

Friend - "No problem, brah, my mom's mentioned paper before. Sounds cool. And you know how much I like football. And footballs.

and want them to go to a good home.

Friend - "I've been stuck with these awhile, but Mom says they have to go, and I can't get in touch with my friend who made them. He wrote me a rambling note about Japan and something called 'origami,' and nobody knows where he's gone. I'm not just throwing these things away, though, they're made of paper."

These are well-made paper footballs

Measured against what, exactly?

that are sure to spark some fun.

Some people might not equate paper footballs and fun. But when you say sparks and paper footballs, that does sound fun. If I call it pyrophilia, will you judge me less harshly?.

Beat the heat for free...

Are these magical refrigerant paper footballs? Or is this just how you end all your listings? "Free Dresser. Beat the heat for free." "Free Comfortable Chair. Beat the heat for free."


Tim said...

Shoot the flaming paper football into the bonfire. Burning Man Football!

I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

TK said...

No labels? Useless? Mysterious?