Wednesday, December 31, 2008

X-Ray Machine

"It is 20 years old but works just fine. I am moving offices and i need to get rid of it. If you want to use or scrap it please take it off my hands. "

Sorry for the off-axis photo, but I was falling down in astonishment when I posted this.

Really? Just anyone can have an X-Ray machine? I can just "take it off your hands"? There's no regulatory body designated to keep it from falling into the wrong hands? No licensing requirement? I can just turn it on, without training, sit there, and hope to become the Hulk? Oh, right, that was gamma rays. But there must be some sort of superhero/monster it could turn me (or some neighborhood cat) into. I hope the folks next door had the foresight to lead-line their walls. Otherwise, the man of the house may soon turn into Iodizing Radiation Victim Man.


Suz said...

You must go to Seattle's Craig List and look up Allure. The entries are wonderfully awful. She likes the phrase "stong, like a good man" and uses it frequently.
I have fallen in love with your blog, thanks for the laughs!

Frank said...

"let's play doctor" takes a turn to the bizarre. sexy sexy slow death.

jenny said...

What type of x-ray machine is it ???
x-ray fluorescense

Anonymous said...

it's ionizing radiation. not iodizing.