Tuesday, December 9, 2008

10 Foot Satellite Dish

"It is on single story roof, you need to dismantle and remove. It was replaced by Direct TV."

I am tempted to write nothing here. I mean, it speaks for itself, right? What can I add to the sublime absurdity of trying to give away a 10 FOOT satellite dish in 2008? Perhaps it could be used as a roof for a shed; turned upside down to make a retro-futurist gazebo. Maybe Paul Bunyan needs a frisbee. If you want this, you might also be interested in:

"Enormous 1977 Magnavox Console TV. Long obsolete, will be unusable in February. You will need a truck and three people to move. It was replaced by a delightful 37" HD LCD. Make my problem yours."

I'm at a loss. I'm trying, but really can't blue-sky-imagine anything equally burdensome and useless. This is the unimpeachable apex of burdensome uselessness. I tip my hat.


giddy girlie said...

this listing seems to beg for a burglary... why brag about the awesome new TV you just got while giving out your address on the internet? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who could be *that* dumb!

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