Saturday, December 13, 2008


"72 Arctic Cat. Does not run. No paperwork."

It is a banner week for the useless and burdensome.

Perhaps this is region-specific, but in case you don't know, it never snows in the San Francisco Bay Area. Well, OK, once every 100 years we get a dusting, but really, it never snows. So to be interested in a snowmobile, you have to really be committed to the craft of snowmobiling. You need a trailer and probably a truck, and you need to drive for a few hours to find some sort of snowmobile ranch, where you and your fellow aficionados can discuss the finer points of snowmobiling over hot chocolate when you're not out doing the thing itself, the snowmobiling you love so very much. Presumably, if you're that guy, the one who thinks snowmobile when you think recreation, the one with a poster of snowmachiner extraordinaire Todd Palin out in the garage, you're going to want a more recent snowmobile, one less than 36 years old. You may also be interested in having one that, say, works. I think you should let this one go.

This is equivalent to offering a free, inoperative boat to someone in the desert. Or a free, brokedown car to someone in a dense, impassable jungle.


Frank said...

free "boat" in exurban Phoenix. I'd say Laveen is about 100 miles from the nearest body of water where one could drown in trying to skipper this water craft

Stephen said...

I'm taken with the puzzling third picture in the series - "here is the space next to the boat." Sadly, that will only serve to remind potential takers of the valuable free space this hulk of a former boat (graffiti included) would occupy.