Saturday, November 29, 2008

Opened White Wine

"We have 4 bottles of opened, mostly full wine leftover from Thanksgiving, pretty decent but we're not big wine people, and it seems like a waste to just pour them down the drain."

Another member of the Vintage Microwave Action Team had a simple, visceral response to this one - "what is wrong with people?"* Ultimately, that's what we're always asking here, isn't it?

The only people who would respond to this post are the ones you least want to give your address to.

*Later amended to: "let's go get that."


TK said...

Can you pls email me address where wine is? kthxbai.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense until the last line.

Why on earth would you need a speedy pick up for a Lite Brite?

Stephen said...

"I can't bear having this Lite Brite under the same roof for even a moment longer. Too many bad memories . . ."

We liked the bucket handles, too, btw. Couldn't think of anything to say about them, but that's a little excessive as far as trying to minimize waste goes.