Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids Shoes

"Kids shoes (NOT pairs) for crafts. I have about 100 new children's shoes - not in pairs. Great for arts projects like decoration Xmas tree or a playground or for learning purposes."

-You know, for crafts. "Like decoration Xmas tree." I use shoes for all my ornaments. They help emphasize the poignant shoe-y-ness of Xmas. The baby Jesus could have worn these. Did they have laces 2k years ago? Stop asking questions, and gaze upon the manifold children's shoes of Xmas.

-Don't celebrate Xmas? You're one of them? No problem. These are also great for "a playground." Perhaps you can replace the sand in the sandbox with 100 children's shoes. The kids can make shoe castles. Watch out they don't get shoe in their eyes.

- Finally, if the injuries resulting from kids throwing shoes at each other limit the viability of the playground option, try "learning purposes." I have the teacher's manual right here: This is a shoe. This is two shoes. This is three shoes . . .

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