Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mountain Astrologer back issues

"10 years of Mountain Astrologer magazines looking for a good home."

Dear Mountain Astrologer Magazine,

Please cancel my subscription, effective immediately. Over the past few months, since the editorial putsch in October when Glen Starman installed his cadre of Sierra Nevada insiders at the helm, the quality of the magazine’s mountain astrology has bottomed out. I used to be able to count on Janet Orion’s predictions (nay, *assertions* - “prediction” suggests the possibility of error) to tell me whether I needed to prepare for a three-bear attack on my trash, expect a road-closing snowfall, or if, although my prospects look good for the moment, I need to be careful about putting all my eggs in one basket.

With the new editors, I have no idea if love is right around the corner, or if I should expect the ptarmigans to wake me every morning next month. Instead, it’s all “things are developing that will bring about a change in residence or lifestyle. But don't worry, it will be an improvement” or “draw on experience to advise someone who isn't thinking clearly today.” Well, let me tell you something, I call BS. My residence and lifestyle haven’t changed in 52 years, and I don’t plan on joining Greg Masterson in his cave and single-wide anytime soon, no matter how often he asks. And I don’t have plans to see anyone to even be *able* to offer advice for about a month and a half. Today? Who are you kidding? Well not me.

I don't know where I'll get my news of the future from now on, but it won't be from you. Take your predictions and stick ‘em where the sun don’t shine – maybe Greg Masterson’s cave?

I'll bet you didn't even see this coming,

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