Friday, January 13, 2012

Abstrax, from the East Bay

Since I'm going to open up the blog a bit, a new delight is artists selling their work on craigslist. Here's a great, um, "artist's statement":

"Hi, I've made a new genre of art, since I see a modern trend for pop art, but I like abstract art as well. Tend to be ahead of trends. I've predicted trends in music, business for some time."

There's so much going on here. Hubris. Optimism. Insanity. I may want to support this gentleman/woman, but first I'm going to need to see a List of Trends Predicted. I worry, though. How will I tell if they were predicted, rather than post-hoc noted? Photos of prediction being made next to that day's newspaper, you say? Interesting. This art-buying thing is complex.

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