Monday, June 1, 2009

A Change at Vintage Microwave

Dear Loyal Readers:

We are so very, very good at what we do that someone has asked us to do it for them. So Vintage Microwave is going to fade away, but our work will continue. Stephen and Jessica will be writing at two blogs for the time being. One, essentially identical to VM, is:

Item Not As Described

This site will not only continue our commentary on commerce castaways, but will initially re-use some of the old VM posts (we have to get it started somehow). Bear with us as it gets up to speed.

The other site will provide commentary on unsettling tattoos.

Ugliest Tattoos

Yes, it's an easy target, but we'll make it funny. Vintage Microwave funny.

We hope the new sites will be as fun for us to write as VM has been. We hope "selling out" is as awesome as we've imagined. We hope to see you there.


Cristie said...

Glad you aren't really going away. Finding ugly tattoos is like shooting fish in a barrel. I bet they will even pose for you.

Codger said...

Wahh, but the new INAD site is so ugly...!

sugarpie said...

Good luck with the new projects! It's been great reading Vintage Microwave.

lunevintage said...

Nooooooooo, I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!!!

Meghan said...

Sad to see you go... Pretty much what lunevintage said. I don't like change either...

Zzzoe said...

Now here's a strange thing: I've been following your blog for a bit, but haven't looked at it for quite a while. Just today, someone emailed me a link to the ugliest tattoos blog, which I loved, and now check in here and find out it's yours! How very random.

Stephen said...

You know what? We hate change, too. But after the past few weeks, we're getting used to it. Ugliest Tattoos is taking off quickly, Item Not As Described less quickly (we always knew it was pretty . . . niche), both are fun to do. And we're being a little more consistent - sticking to a one-a-weekday schedule for both. I know the graphics at that other blog provider leave a little to be desired, but hey, it's all about the content, right? We hope so, and hope you can bear the changes. By the way, the new sites are all user-submitted stuff (unlike VM, where we did the hunting), so if you find good (as in, bad) stuff, PLEASE send it in.

Car Reviews said...

I have read this post and found it very interesting.

LaPhillyBoy said...

You guys are very funny - will look forward to reading more of your inciteful (sic) advice.

I'll be sure to check out Ugliest Tatoo - keep up the gret work. - JC

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Alex said...

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Mehreen said...

It's been great reading Vintage Microwave.

willam said...

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